Since 1743, PRAVDA has been produced in the heart of the world-renowned
vodka producing area of Southern Poland. PRAVDA is located in the pristine
Carpathian mountain district where the purest spring water is sourced.
PRAVDA has been made in small batches under the strict guidance of sixth
generation master distiller, Aleksandra Kulak. The careful blending of the distillate with this water produced Pravda – the smoothest vodka ever produced.

PRAVDA VODKA is distilled from sweet rye grain, which
makes a softer, rounder distillate than corn, which is the traditional source of
vodka. Corn gives a strong taste, whereas rye gives a “mellow” taste. Sweet rye is
double the cost of corn.

PRAVDA is distilled in extremely tall 5 column stills; traditional still columns are
only 3 high. Five times distillation process eliminates any impurities making
PRAVDA clean and pure. 

The story behind the Gem on the bottle represents the gem worn by the leader
(Mayor) of each village in the region. The bottle shape and quality represent the
fact that the nobles of the time referred to it as the ‘champagne’ of vodkas.