Legendary Wines by Moana Park 

Established in 2000, Moana Park challenges the old wine-making habits to produce wines that are naturally grown, free of allergy-inducing additives and a pure joy to drink. A small family run and owned Estate winery based in Hawke's Bay. Our fruit come off our own vineyards dotted throughout New Zealand's most prized winegrowing regions.

Quality is the key for Moana Park grapes grown in the unique Gimblett Gravels in the world-famous red wine district of the Hawkes Bay, Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, and Pinot Noir from Central Otago New Zealand. We are one of only two certified Vegan wineries in New Zealand.

Moana Park is a true Estate Winery, growing, making, maturing, bottling and selling all our own wines. Moana has a unique approach to natural winemaking, we include technology to eliminate fining and additives from our wines. We press our grapes in vacuum meaning no ingress of oxygen, therefore lower or no preservative required, we filter some of the wines to keep them in the best health in bottle, and we bottle through our state of the art GAI bottling machine.

Hawke's Bay. New Zealand

Our grapes are grown on small, estate-owned vineyards dotted across the most prized winegrowing pockets of New Zealand; Hawke's Bay, Marlborough and Central Otago. Moana Park prefers to let nature determine the flavours of their wines.

The sub-region surrounding and encompassing Gimblett Road has its own micro climate with Roy's Hill blocking the prevailing winds and cloud formation, as well as heat retention and reflection from the stony soils during the warm days over summer. This effectively means a different categorisation from the "cool climate" definition used for the broader New Zealand wine industry. 

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