So it started like this. Two Americans living in New Zealand were sitting in a broken shed on the banks of Lake Wanaka. In their musings, they dreamed of making the world's best vodka with a unique twist indigenous to the prodigious mountains, sparkling valleys, bubbling springs, glassy fjords, mammoth trees, bubbling rocks, vegetative forests, and mystical boulders that make New Zealand, well, New Zealand.

Just like New Zealand is a refreshing escape from everything else the world takes for granted, this new vodka would be a refreshing escape from every other vodka the world takes for granted.

They would Break Free from the usual.

And Break Free they did.

They tested water sources, refined filtration processes and tested and tested and tested right in that same old broken shed (and as a by-product of those legendary "testing parties", they made many new friends!)

Finally, they settled on it: the formula for the world's most unique vodka - clean and crisp with a smooth, warm finish.